About Us

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Danny’s Dealer Solutions specializes in providing High Line Auto Dealerships with quality Detail, Valet and Reconditioning services. We are a family run company and we value our customer relationships above anything else. There is no other company that cares more about our customers satisfaction than we do.

Fresh out of high school in 1993 Danny began traveling the county as a Paintless Dent Repair technician chasing hail storms and repairing the dented vehicles for car dealers. “My journeys have taken me to almost every state in the U.S. and several country’s training students and repairing damaged vehicles. Since moving back to California in 1998 I began servicing the worlds largest auto dealership “Longo Toyota”. As my relationship and their trust grew I was asked to add additional reconditioning services to our business. Realizing that it was much easier for a dealership to coordinate workflow with one vendor and only write one invoice per car we listened to our customers and the “One Stop Shop” concept began to grow. Following the dealerships instructions I hired painters, detailers, interior repair specialists, dent repair technicians and more. I was really fortunate because this concept actually grew by accident. I learned that if you take good care of customers, they will always take good care of you”. Before assisting Longo Toyota in implementing an “in house” reconditioning program we repaired over 95,000 vehicles for Longo Toyota/Lexus alone. We have maintained a wonderful relationship and they are still my best referral. Now over 20 years, hundreds of employees and dozens of dealership relationships later we are going stronger than ever.”