Valet & Concierge Services

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Valet and Concierge Services

Valet attendants in your service drive are the first people to greet your guests and the last ones to wish them a wonderful weekend, or to have a pleasant day. Often times this can determine how your customers feel about their experience at your Dealership. Danny’s Dealer Solutions can provide you with Valet Attendants for your service drive that will leave your guests with a memorable experience. Uniformed, well-trained professionals will staff your drive from open to close to assist your guests with vehicle check-ins, damage walk around inspections, tags, shuttling vehicles to and from mechanics , different lots, etc. Even if it’s just a friendly smile and an open door for a guest who is waiting for an advisor it makes a huge impact on your dealerships first impression.

Have you ever looked at the questions on your guest’s surveys and noticed how many of them can be affected by your valet staff?
  • Were you immediately greeted?
  • Was the service drive clean?
  • Timeliness of the drop-off process?
  • Did someone perform a vehicle walk around?
  • Did someone provide helpful advice?
  • Courtesy of the person assisting you?
  • Ease of driving in/out of the service drive?
  • Willingness to offer valet service?
  • Professionalism of valet staff?
  • Time waited for alternative transportation?
  • Helpfulness of staff during pick up?
  • Condition of Vehicle during pick up?

Making a perfect first impression will set the tone for the rest of your guest’s experience. Why leave something so important to chance?

Lets face it, when is the last time you remember a guest being excited about spending time and money in the service drive? Often times your advisors must start their interaction with an angry guest before they have an opportunity to even provide them with excellent service.

At DDS we will work hard for you in your service drive. Each of our Valets go through training and roll plays showing them how to make guests feel comfortable about bringing their vehicles in for service. Each Valet is trained to assist both guests and your advisors so your service drive keeps running smoothly. And with all of our Valets using two-way radios with earpieces we can navigate through difficult situations without your guest even knowing that something about their experience required special attention.

Let us handle things like:

1) Pairing your iPhone or electrical device with your guests new vehicle.

2) Doing your vehicle walk arounds to prevent being blamed for preexisting damage.

3) Directing traffic in your busy service drive.

4) Picking up and dropping off your guests in dealer shuttles.

5) Keeping guest vehicles moving smoothly through your productions cycle and carwash so guests are not waiting longer than necessary.

6) Quality inspecting service washes to insure high quality car washes.

7) Giving your guests directions to local restaurants, shopping malls, movies, etc.

8) Guaranteeing that your guests leave your dealership with a smile.

After all – A guest may not always remember exactly what you said or did to help them, but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel. Lets work hard to make sure they are excited to come back.