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Danny’s Dealer Solutions (“DDS”) is based in Orange County, CA. DDS was founded in 2001 and has grown to over 500 employees. DDS is one of the largest dealership outsourcing providers in California and is estimated to be among only ten outsourcing companies in the US.

Our advantages are consistently providing high-quality auto detailing and reconditioning services and offering superior products. Our solutions reduce our clients’ overhead expenses, potential liabilities, and turnaround time from trade-in to sale.

Auto dealerships across America are increasingly subletting their detailing and reconditioning services to save money, increase efficiency, and reduce liability. The primary business of dealerships—buying and selling cars—does not include DDS’s core business. Therefore, in dealerships, there is little to no existing management structure to oversee and operate the bundle of services that the Company provides.

DDS’s onsite dealership services include:

Our worker inspecting a car door

Auto Detailing

Our worker fixing a window frame

Paintless Dent Repair

Our worker fixing a window frame

Bumper Scruff Repair

Our worker fixing a window frame

Minor Body Repair

Our worker spray painting a bumper

Alloy Wheel Repair

Our worker brushing a trunk carpet

Interior Repair

Clean cars in the sunset

Headlight Restoration

Our worker waxing a hood

Paint Correction

A car about to go through a machine wash

Service Washes

Cars being washed

Lot Wash

Cars being washed

Sold Unit Deliveries

Our valet and welcome sign

Valet & Concierge Services

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Our worker inspecting a car door

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