Creating a Perfect Guest Experience

People, Product, Process is key to providing Guests with a VIP Experience. Below is just one of the Valet Greeter training handouts provided in our Training. Feel free to read below to see the type of culture we will create in your Service Drive.

1. First and foremost, always do your best to make sure your guest has the most wonderful experience possible. Never lose sight of this! Remember that a guest never comes into a service drive because they are excited about spending money or repairing a broken car. Inconvenience, disappointment, stress or necessity are the only things that bring them to us and those things never make anyone happy. We are the first ones to greet them and the last ones to wish them off. Make the beginning and end of their experience perfect. Treat your guests like cherished friends and always strive to exceed their expectations.

2. Create an on-stage/off-stage setting. Stay in character when you are at work and never stray away from being a perfect guest service expert. Come to work in full uniform and character. Leave everything else somewhere else. Anything that will not help you achieve this goal should be put aside.

3. Know who your guest is. Obtain a perfect understanding of how you can make their experience friendly, quick and convenient. Understanding your guest is key when it comes to making their experience a positive one.

4. Set the tone for a wonderful experience. You as a greeter are the first person that the guest will communicate with. Your first 30 seconds of interaction with them will determine how their dealer journey begins. Always give the service advisor a head start by making a perfect first impression!

5. Always look at everything from your guest’s point of view. Never forget the human factor. Evaluate your setting from a guest’s perspective and how they will interpret your interaction with them. Think of the proper answer for every possible question they may ask you so your answer is precise, correct, accommodating and delivered in a friendly tone and with a big smile. Consult with your peers to get feedback and ideas on successful tips and tricks that they have developed to help their guests.

6. Make sure ALL team members are on board and committed to giving 110% towards whole guest experience. Always be planning. Imagine the perfect experience for your guest and execute it in a sequenced, organized way (visualize this happening and try to find flaws to work on before they happen). Build the same order and logic into the design of the guest’s movement. Your first guest of the day must experience the same consist level of service as the 20th guest.

7. Communicate with visual literacy. Language is not always composed of words. Use the common language of smiles and welcoming non-verbal communication. Shape and form your guests experience through their setting. Instead of just “cookies” let them know there are “warm fresh baked cookies in our guest lounge.” Open the door to the guest lounge and welcome them inside to have a seat and relax with a “fresh brewed coffee” or a “cold bottled water”.)

8. Always keep your pace and stay composed. Guests can tell when people are scattered, rushed or overwhelmed. Never give a guest the impression that you are too busy to make them feel important. Always stay calm, smile, maintain the same voice level and make your service to them seem effortless. It cheapens their experience if they are pressured or feel uptight. Your guest will mirror your interaction with them.

9. Avoid overload. Do not bombard guests with too much data. Let them choose the information they want when they want it. Always listen carefully first before answering their questions (NEVER INTERRUPT A GUEST or diminish the importance of their opinion).

10. Answer one question at a time. Mixing multiple answers into a single setting is confusing. Your answer is only good enough if it answers the quests question and you made them smile and feel welcome.

11. Avoid contradictions. Maintain identity. Every detail and every setting should support and further your organizational identity and mission. Stay on topic and always make sure there is a point to your answer and its beneficial to our guest. Keeping scripts consistent will allow a guest to hear the same solutions to questions even when dealing with a different valet.

12. Do your practice in the dark. The wrong time to try something new and unpredictable is in a guest’s presence. Spend time away from guests thinking of new ways to make their experiences better and act them out with others to ensure they will be executed flawlessly during your interaction with guests. Think of your setting as a championship golf course with thousands of people watching your every move like Tiger Woods. Do you think he tries new things when every move counts? Or does Tiger spend thousands of hours practicing alone “in the dark” when no one is watching so he is ready to make the perfect shot on the golf course when it really counts. Spend time practicing “In the dark” so you can deliver the perfect shot when it counts (in your setting).

13. Keep it up. Never get complacent and always maintain your setting. You must show up every day with the same excitement that you did for your first day of work and never anything less. The guests that you assist today deserve 110% from you so do not cheat them out of a perfect experience because you cannot get into character. A champion is not someone who can win one time. A Champion is someone who can show up and defend his title by winning every time.


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